We provide onboarding training for junior logistics engineers at logistics automation companies and logistics consultancies.

Logistics engineers who join your company straight out of college are unfamiliar with the practicalities of logistics projects, customer and consultant expectations, and in most cases lack a structured approach to systems engineering.

In our training sessions, we touch upon some of the most important topics any graduate will need to become familiar with. We can tailor our training to your company’s needs. Our standard training touches upon the following topics:

  • How to get from raw data to logistics concept (customer sets, types of data analysis, what kind of results we want to derive from the data)
  • MHE equipment, automation solutions, how to select the right system
  • Types of picking concepts, picking systems, and tools
  • Principles of logistics planning: structured approach towards the planning of complex logistics systems
  • Productivity calculation for logistics systems: how to assess the benefits of logistics systems

Standard onboarding training topics will be covered in one full day. We can add additional topics on request and cover topics in greater detail.