Experts managing logistics projects on the customer side are becoming increasingly important. We help them build the right competences.

Increasingly many companies understand that lots of money is lost in inefficient logistics operations. The logistics automation industry has been enjoying a seemingly never-ending boom period for more than a decade.

This means that logistics competencies are needed not only at the providers of logistics solutions but at their customers, too. In order to make logistics projects successful, it is necessary that requirements and objectives are properly defined. In order to communicate requirements and objectives in a way a logistics solution provider (i.e., the MHE company) understands, it is necessary for the recipient of the logistics solution to understand how to translate business requirements and objectives into logistics requirements and objectives. Our experience shows that those projects where customers are competent and deeply involved perform significantly better than those projects where MHE companies are simply trusted to find the right solution. Accordingly, experts managing logistics projects on the customer side carry a good share of responsibility for the outcome of logistics projects.

We help your project managers get up to speed for complex logistics projects. We help them look through marketing promises of MHE companies and fully comprehend logistics requirements and objectives, possible solutions, and what they are being offered by MHE companies.