Reducing Planning Risks, Improving Economics and Customer Satisfaction

Experience shows that intralogistics systems are rarely planned in a systematic manner. Knowing planning principles and methodology helps reduce costly planning mistakes, identify suitable solutions, and right-size system components in a much shorter time. Especially large projects with strong competition among bidders and demanding material flows benefit from a coherent, consistent, and time-saving planning approach.

Concept in Brief: This seminar provides a thorough introduction to systematic planning of automated intralogistics systems. The seminar is structured along fundamental planning principles and, starting from a core set of data and parameters, enables participants to create complete solutions designs for automated warehouses.

Contents: Terminology, solution and market overview ▪ Different types of data analysis as starting point for systems planning ▪ Productivity as optimization objective: defining, measuring, and optimizing productivity ▪ System fitting and SKU allocation to sub systems ▪ Dealing with the trade-off between optimization and flexibility ▪ Defining the planning objective and dealing with conflicting objectives ▪ The danger of working with average values ▪ Bottleneck Management in material flow systems ▪ Defining load carriers ▪ System selection: Balancing dynamic and static requirements ▪ Finding the right degree of system automation

Target Group: Sales Engineers and Sales Managers for logistics systems, Logistics Consultants, Project Managers for logistics automation projects in industry and retail, Solution Designers for logistics service providers

Language: English or German (or mixed for international groups)

Duration: 2 days

Method: Presentation, case studies, discussion

Location: Locally at your premises, alternatively online via video conference (Zoom, MS Teams or Skype)

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