Online Grocery (or eGrocery) is getting traction in many countries. And in every country, vendors are facing similar logistics challenges in their attempts to reach profitability.

While certainly difficult, we know that online grocery can be profitable business — and we know how to get there. Having successfully worked with some of the best companies in this field, we have the deep understanding necessary to guide our clients on their way to profitability.

Fulfillment of online grocery orders is challenging. A large number of different articles from various temperature regimes and with vastly different size, weight, and physical properties need to be picked efficiently and made available for delivery within a short period of time. As experts in solution design and warehouse automation, we have vetted dozens of different logistics concepts and automation technologies. We know which technologies and concepts work under which conditions. With intimate knowledge of the offerings of various warehouse automation providers, we can help you navigate the market and develop the best solution for your online grocery business.