Sometimes, all you need is a good understanding of the status quo of you warehouse. You can always ask suppliers of intralogistics solutions for an assessment, but that’s like asking a barber if you need a haircut. Our Intralogistics Health Check-up is a quick way for you to obtain thorough understanding of how well your warehouse performs.

You can choose between three levels of intensity and detail, depending on your business needs:

Intralogistics Health Check-up L covers two days on-site and includes

  • Site visit
  • Visual inspection
  • Process analysis and discussion
  • Presentation of results and advice

Intralogistics Health Check-up XL covers up to four days on-site and in addition to L includes:

  • Interviews with staff
  • Complete intralogistics audit

Intralogistics Health Check-up XXL covers up to five days on-site five days on-site and in addition to XL

On-site and presentation days are agreed upon based on availability of the respective stakeholders.

The Intralogistics Health Check-up is a great way to get started before venturing into automation or planning any significant investment in your facilities. More often than not, the answer to operational problems in warehouses is better processes and better stock management, not adding automation or adding more space. It will save you lots of money and trouble.

Reach out to us via phone or email and get your offer today.