Once you have decided that you want to automate parts of your warehouse, you will want to reach out to the market to get offers you can compare. The result will be that different vendors of material handling equipment will tout for your business, and they will praise their solution as the best match for your needs. The challenge: more often than not, solutions of different vendors will look very different. So, how can they all be the best match for your logistics requirements? Just comparing cost will not be sufficient. Unless you are an expert in the field of intralogistics automation, it will be almost impossible to assess the various solutions with respect to their fit, nor with respect to the appropriateness of their price tag.

Support by a competent, neutral advisor will help you select the right vendor for your system. With many years of experience with tender processes in the intralogistics industry, we know the industry and we understand the strength and weaknesses of many of its key players. Logineering is your competent partner for

  • defining the requirements for your new system,
  • creating a complete and professional request for quotations,
  • managing communication with bidding suppliers,
  • evaluating and comparing bids, and
  • helping you select the right partner.

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