Well functioning logistics processes are any industry’s backbone. A look into many warehouses, however, frequently reveals high levels of waste along with low productivity, quality issues, and more often than not indicates plenty of space for improvement. This holds for both, manual and automated warehouses.

Much potential can be tapped without expensive investments. If investments turn out to be necessary though, it is of crucial importance that gains in terms of productivity and quality, as well as risk and cost, are well understood. Too often, we have witnessed how millions of Euros spent led to no significant productivity increase, nor to significantly lower operating cost, as the latter were offset by high cost for maintenance and more costly, because higher qualified, staff.

Logineering provides logistics consultancy with focus on automation. Our company consists of logistics experts with years of automation experience from various top-tier automation providers. We can help you understand your business better, support you in your decision-making process, and guide you towards the right solution.

Logineering Provides Logistics Consultancy

Analysis of Your Logistical Requirements

System Engineering and System Selection

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